Hand poured, soy wax candles. Made in rural England.



Luxury from simplicity. It’s a belief that determines the scents and crafts we select to produce our small batch candles. We take pride in each candle being hand poured with the finest grade premium soy wax blend. Our fragrance oils are sustainably sourced from London to Lebanon, using only the finest oils to ensure each candle fills your home with fragrance. All our candles are poured into vintage whiskey tumblers with hand finished cork stoppers to retain the scent. Our unique blend of wax and oil surrounds pure Egyptian cotton wicks to provide an average burn time of over 50 hours.



We know that you want to make informed decisions about what you buy, and that you're interested in the provenance and sustainability of products. As a British company, we're proud to play a part in that - all our candles are designed and made right here in England.

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Ampersand Candle Co is nestled in rural England, with each candle lovingly made by husband and wife team Sam and Charlotte Gough. We create beautiful candles of handcrafted luxury right from the kitchen table. 

  Kinder Scout in Derbyshire

Kinder Scout in Derbyshire

Happy are they who take life day by day, complain very little, and are thankful for the little things in life.
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We fundamentally object to mass market mediocrity.
We believe the future of luxury  lies in craftsmanship.
We want to make beautiful products from quality materials.
Candles that appeal to men and women.
Candles without nondescript, gimmicky names.
No garish colours and tacky containers. 
Products we’re proud to share with loved ones and display in our homes.
Simple, subtle fragrances that fill a room with scent.
Generously sized candles that won’t run out after a few hours burning.
Candles made in small batches, by hand with care.

This is the product we want to create.




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